Left Elevator Prep and Priming

November 24th and 26th 2018, 8.5h

Left elevator prep:

  • I deburred all the parts.
  • I smoothed all the edges.
  • I dimpled all the parts.
  • I cleaned all the part with Acetone.

Then,  I primed all the parts. I had to extra mix the primer given how tick it became.  Based on Stewart System, it is normal for EcoPoxy base to become pretty tick and chunky. After the extra mixing, I was able to get good results.


Elevator Skin Riveting and Right Skeleton Prep

November 10th 2018, 7h

Riveting the left elevator skin and riveted the trim plate to the skin.




Bent both left and right elevators




Prepared the skeleton for the right elevator:

  • matching drilling the reinforcement plates
  • match drilling spars and ribs
  • match drilling counter balance skin
  • installing the counterbalance weight
  • match drilling the skeleton to the skin
  • match drilling the horn


Elevator Skin Prep and Riveting

October 28th and November 4th, 8th 2018, 8h

Prepared the stiffeners for both right and left elevators:

  • We cut the stiffeners.
  • We smoothed all the edges.

Prepared the skin and stiffeners for both right and left elevators:

  • Removed the venyl protection.
  • matched drilled the skins to the the stiffeners.
  • Deburred both skin and stiffeners.
  • Dimpled skin.
  • Dimpled stiffeners.



Back riveted the the right elevator