More Fuel Tank Prep

February 23rd, 2019, 6h

One of the big decision to make here is to decide whether to go with inverted fuel system. It depends on whether I will be doing extended inverted flight and negative g maneuvers.  As well, I need to look into inverted oil, since inverted fuel alone is not enough to do these maneuvers.

In the mean time, while researching these option, I did the other fuel tank prep.  So, I prepared the vent line input in the inner rib:


I added the vent line support in the fuel caps:


As well, I prepared the fuel sanders:


Leading Edge

February 14th, 6h

The second leading edge went great

IMG_0801 (1).jpg

February 12th, 9h

In order to start working on the leading edge, I built a cradles to hold the leading edges while attaching the ribs.  The crib did hold the leading edge great.


Then I started working on the leading edge.  I started with the left one, so it involved the stall horn system.  I decided to go both with the stall horn and AoA, I am a big believer in redundancy in safety critical components.  so I did the prep work for the stall horn.  Then I moved on to attaching the ribs.


Then, the fun part started:

  • I attached the leading edge to the main buddy.
  • I added the inboard rib that did not have pre patched holes.
  • I added the attachment skin that links the main leading edge to the fuel tanks.
  • I drilled the inboard rib and attachment skin.
  • I drilled all the ribs of the leading edge both to the main spar and the skin.

The results looks great:


Next is the right wing leading edge.

Wing Main Skins

February 9th and 10th, 10h

In oder to do the wing skin, I have to change the attachment of the wing rig so that the rig is not in the way of the wing.  So instead of setting the spar on top of the angle bracket at the tip side of the wing, I had to attach the angle bracket to the tip rib.


Afterwards it was time to cleco and drill both wings.  The final outcome is rewarding: